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Lacoste women’s shoes: when do you wear your trainers?

Relax and remain fashionable in a pair of Lacoste women’s trainers. For rest or play, choose your women’s trainers to suit your active lifestyle. The collection features canvas trainers, textile trainers, leather trainers… and all complement your wardrobe perfectly. Whether you’re looking for trainers to match your tennis outfit or trainers to wear to lunch with your favourite jeans, your Lacoste trainers will complete the look. Inspired by relaxed, stylish living, Lacoste women’s trainers offer smooth and breathable fabrics that make you feel like you’re walking on air every step you take. With a comfortable fit and durability, your Lacoste trainers are sure to be a hit on the tennis court or choose from a range of luxurious details including suede finishes, textile linings, T-clips, and hints of colour. All complete with the signature Lacoste croc to match your iconic croc dresses. For a sporty, casual style, team your trainers with a dress or skirt and embrace the summer heat on your chill days. The Lacoste trainers collection – demonstrate your iconic taste and chic style with the ultimate footwear choice.
{ "productList": { "type": "Product List Viewed", "data": { "currency": "TRY", "products": [ { "position": 1, "product_id": "741SFA0032", "name": "Lacoste Women\u0027s Shoes", "price": 454, "brand": "Lacoste", "sku": "4125237", "variant": "Siyah", "category": "Kadın / AYAKKABI", "dimension11": "22SS", "dimension12": "0", "dimension14": "741SFA0032.02H", "dimension15": "4125237", "dimension16": " 649 ", "dimension17": "indirimli" , "dimension18": "T75", "dimension30": "336701" }, { "position": 2, "product_id": "745SFA0023", "name": "Cage Lacoste Sneakers Court", "price": 347, "brand": "Lacoste", "sku": "4752329", "variant": "Kırmızı", "category": "Kadın / AYAKKABI", "dimension11": "23AW", "dimension12": "0", "dimension14": "745SFA0023.286", "dimension15": "4752329", "dimension16": " 579 ", "dimension17": "indirimli" , "dimension18": "", "dimension30": "1566955" }, { "position": 3, "product_id": "745SFA0095", "name": "Lacoste Sneakers TWIN SERVE", "price": 419, "brand": "Lacoste", "sku": "4873378", "variant": "Beyaz", "category": "Kadın / AYAKKABI", "dimension11": "23SS", "dimension12": "0", "dimension14": "745SFA0095.1T3", "dimension15": "4873378", "dimension16": " 599 ", "dimension17": "indirimli" , "dimension18": "T35", "dimension30": "1570484" } ] } } }
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