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A new episode

When everything is crumbling around you, you have two choices: the easy way out or the determined way forward. The new Lacoste campaign tells the story of this decisive moment – when taking a risk is the most beautiful thing to do. #crocodileinside

The Couple

Oulaya Amamra, as the bold woman

At first, the easy option beckons and the gulf between them widens. A sudden realization awakens her determination. She strengthens her resolve, ready to change her destiny.

Ken Azaïs as the loyal man

Confused, passive, he does nothing, letting her get away. One look from him is enough to bring her back. His hand reaches out to his future.

Steely Style

Behind the Scenes

How do you illustrate emotional turmoil? Go behind the scenes to discover the set design and construction.

Creative Team

Directed by the French collective Megaforce, known for their powerfully gripping videos, the film shows how determination and an elegance of mind can triumph over adversity.