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    Do you need a shoe style for any occasion?

    When you need to look smart but casual at the same time select a pair of loafers or boat shoes. The relaxed look is the vibe you should be after right now. If you want to look sophisticated pair up your Lacoste boat shoes with your best shorts for a casual evening out on a warm summer evening, and team a pair of loafers with a white Lacoste shirt to show off that tan at night. For a unique touch why not wear your Lacoste loafers with jogging bottoms and start turning heads. These days there is no need to limit yourself to sports trousers with your trainers. Layer up with an oversized shirt for an urban feel and rock the streetwear feel. Made from soft leather and synthetic fabric and taking inspiration from the traditional deck shoe, these will be your go-to shoes whatever you’re doing. With rubber outsoles for good grip and textile linings to keep your feet comfortable, the embroidered croc on the side complements this Lacoste footwear. The sporty look gives an understated style that will take you wherever you need to go in an elegant manner. Choose a classic shoe style this season for all-day (and night) comfort.
    { "productList": { "type": "Product List Viewed", "data": { "currency": "TRY", "products": [ { "position": 1, "product_id": "737CMA0018", "name": "Lacoste męskie klapki Croco", "price": 160, "brand": "Lacoste", "sku": "3412850", "variant": "Siyah", "category": "Erkek / AYAKKABI", "dimension11": "22SS", "dimension12": "0", "dimension14": "737CMA0018.312", "dimension15": "3412850", "dimension16": " 229 ", "dimension17": "indirimli" , "dimension18": "T8", "dimension30": "14405" }, { "position": 2, "product_id": "741CMA0010", "name": "Lacoste Męskie buty Croco 2.0 0721 2 Cma", "price": 128, "brand": "Lacoste", "sku": "4122557", "variant": "Lacivert", "category": "Erkek / AYAKKABI", "dimension11": "22SS", "dimension12": "0", "dimension14": "741CMA0010.092", "dimension15": "4122557", "dimension16": " 229 ", "dimension17": "indirimli" , "dimension18": "T6", "dimension30": "35073" }, { "position": 3, "product_id": "743CMA0020", "name": "Lacoste Męskie syntetyczne klapki z logo Croco Dualiste", "price": 223, "brand": "Lacoste", "sku": "4462898", "variant": "Yeşil", "category": "Erkek / AYAKKABI", "dimension11": "22SS", "dimension12": "0", "dimension14": "743CMA0020.2D2", "dimension15": "4462898", "dimension16": " 319 ", "dimension17": "indirimli" , "dimension18": "T8", "dimension30": "336785" }, { "position": 4, "product_id": "745CFA0005", "name": "Lacoste klapki SERVE SLIDE", "price": 209, "brand": "Lacoste", "sku": "4751146", "variant": "Sarı", "category": "Kadın / AYAKKABI", "dimension11": "23SS", "dimension12": "0", "dimension14": "745CFA0005.AA5", "dimension15": "4751146", "dimension16": " 299 ", "dimension17": "indirimli" , "dimension18": "T7", "dimension30": "1567903" } ] } } }
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